Why Blog?

The satisfaction of the creative impulse is a basic, biological need, essential to the health of the individual. Its aggregate effect on the health of society is inestimable.

Art is one of the few important means known to man for the articulation of this impulse. This is why its practice is as continuous as life itself. It has survived every proscription by man made law or custom, and every difficulty which nature contrived in the intractability of its materials.  No matter how unyielding the surface or how adverse the circumstance, man has persisted in the recording of his imaginings.

Mark Rothko, WRITINGS ON ART 1941.

Painters, such as Rothko, and writers aren’t so different. The former has color and texture, the latter words and syntax. But both are communicating, filling a void, bridging gaps—a page or a canvas both white space all the same.

I am a painter, and I am a writer. I’m a theatre director, photographer and film producer. I’m an artist and, by nature, a philosopher. Hopefully, this blog will help me live each day in the spaces shared and in between.